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Nashira Arno Studio


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Nashira Arnó Studio, founded by Dominican designer NashiraArnó in 2021, originated from collaborating with independent artisans she met during her non-profit work. After engaging with local artisans across Asia, Africa, and Latin America, she saw the potential of handcraft to make a positive impact. With almost a decade of design experience in New York, Nashira's curiosity led her to create a namesake jewelry brand focused on intention, tradition, and storytelling. Rooted in timeless design and heritage craftsmanship, the brand explores new takes on classics while embracing cultural richness and infusing Caribbean nostalgia into both designs and narratives.

Nashira Arnó Studio offers sustainable jewelry, bespoke bridal pieces, and one-of-a-kind special wardrobe pieces.

In addition to jewelry and fashion, Nashira Arnó consults for emerging brands on sustainable and creative initiatives—a project that grew from a need to help ethical businesses, small and large, be more holistic in their marketing, messaging, and mission direction.

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