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Real Resilience Coaching & Consulting

Mental Health

Brooklyn, NY
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Kelly George, is a native Brooklynite, international public speaker, facilitator, and emotional wellness coach. Kelly speaks loud and proud about anti-oppressive mental health, psychological safer workplaces, healing justice and neurodiversity.

Kelly’s passion for mental health, emotional intelligence and wellness education began in 2016 after having had her own personal battles as a queer, neurodivergent, bipolar Black woman, and learning what it takes to thrive and develop a resilience mindset. The resilience mindset draws on community care models that ask leaders to be HUMAN first.

Kelly founded Real Resilience Coaching and Consulting to support leaders and organizations create emotionally just communities, work ecosystems, and develop resilience practices custom designed with the neurodiverse community in mind.

Kelly loves coaching her fellow Black n-Brown neurodivergent leaders to guide them on a self-directed journey to drop limiting beliefs associated with a past narrative; often caused by an emotional wound or unfulfilled expectation that is on repeat in their mind. This looping narrative consciously or unconsciously becomes a living reality. Kelly supports her clients to engage a new relationship with the past narrative while creating space to design a new narrative in the present allowing the client to live authentically from a place of choice in both their personal and professional life.

As a Facilitator and Programs Lead with the Fireweed Collective ( a movement for the healing of mad, queer, neurodivergents Kelly remains close to the disability justice and anti-oppressive mental health movement which continues to affirm that Black liberation exists.

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